Store Your Valuables in West Lebanon, NH

North American Hanover Transfer & Storage — storage services in West Lebanon, NH
At Hanover Transfer & Storage in West Lebanon NH, you can store your items if you do not need to move all of your goods during your relocation. We have a large warehouse where we store your items in crates. You can feel secure storing them in our warehouse. The storage at Hanover Transfer & Storage is containerized, which means that your container holds your goods, and nobody else's. The benefits of this are numerous:
  • It further ensures the security of your personal belongings.
  • It also enables us to access your property quickly should you want to retrieve all or part of it.

But the bottom line is, it saves you money.

Our Warehouse

The most important thing when trusting someone else to care for your personal belongings is a sense of security, and the knowledge that your property will remain safe until you need it again. Hanover Transfer & Storage has exactly the location you need:

Our warehouse is heated in the winter and usually about ten degrees cooler than the outside temperature in the summer, meaning that your property will never be exposed to the extreme cold or the extreme heat of our New England climate.

Our warehouse and your property are protected by a state of the art sprinkler system, and a motion-sensitive security system.

Further, we are happy to offer insurance for your belongings.

When working with Hanover Transfer & Storage, you can rest assured that the safety of your property is our top priority.

Document Storage

Protect and store your records in our facilities and retrieve them when needed. Give us a call at 603-643-3103 for details.